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An email with the dance assignments and more detailed rehearsal times will be emailed home Sunday August 27th and rehearsals will begin ASAP.



Tryouts:  A dancer can tryout for any type of dance they choose, jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, modern.


Boot Camp. The team member must attend the mandatory Boot camp in September which will last about 3  days.  Boot Camp is where the Team learns their dances for the year.  The 1st parent meeting is at the end of Boot Camp.  A contract is signed by both parents and dancers committing to the entire year (Sept to June or July).


Practice:   A regular weekly dance practice is held at the studio for each dance you are in.  You are expected to be at every scheduled dance practice every time.  If you cannot make it, you must call Kristi to let her know. 


Performances:  All team members are expected to attend all the scheduled competitions conventions and performances.  We also may have local performances. (Remember, it’s a team thing.)  Practices, performances and competitions may include weekdays, later evenings, and Saturday or Sunday attendance.


Dance Lessons:  Dancers are required to take a ballet class are expected to take dance lessons for whatever type of dance they are placed in at Front and Center Dance Studio. 


Costs:  A Membership fee is due by Sept 15th, choreography or ‘per dance’ fee for each solo, duo, trio or group dance Kristi places you in is due by Oct 1st, costume fees and team warm-up suit money are due by Nov 1st. (By now we’ve had 3 fundraisers).  Starting in December, competition fees will begin to be collected.  (see below or example)  


Fundraisers:  As a team member, you are expected to participate in these fundraisers if we have them; 2 Studio sleepovers. Dance-a-thon,  Dinner and a Show.   Other fundraisers are available for you to participate in if you choose, i.e. Sponsorship requests, Candle sales, Sees candy at Holiday time.


Non-profit:  We are a non-profit organization.  That means that any cash you contribute can be tax deductible, and anyone who sponsors you can claim it as a tax deduction.


Who decides what…  Kristi decides everything.  Period.  She has been doing this for over 10 years.  The Spotlight Company Board completely supports Kristi.  Kristi welcomes your in-put and will often request it.  However she has the final say. 


This is very important: Parents, you are the key to the success of your dancer being on team.  They depend on you to get them to practice, performances and competitions.  You will be the one to keep their costumes etc. clean (and able to locate when needed).   Shoes will need to be reordered when they no longer fit.  So, if you really don’t want to do this, then your dancer will probably not do well on team.


There is a commitment of time and money.  These two do not change.  Much of the money is due at the beginning of the year and nothing is refundable.  Parents, you cannot ‘punish’ a team member by grounding them from lessons, practice or performance.  Find some other way to ‘punish’.


Your Front and Center Dance Studio account is separate from "Team" but it must be paid on time and kept up-to-date along with any Team monies due.


Kristi, the staff, and returning team parents will help your dancer be successful.  We all go to great lengths to support you.  Being on the Team can be really fun for both the dancers and the parents too. 

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